Our Story


Elizabeth Gray Designs was born when a friend handed over the reigns to their guest bedroom, giving Betsy full control to do as she saw fit.  What's wild is that this friend had no idea that Betsy's original college pursuit was interior design, that her grandmother was a decorator, and her mother was an antiques dealer.  It was in her blood.  But like many in college, Betsy took a career change out of fear.  This opportunity woke Betsy up to the love and passion she'd been exposed to her entire life, a desire to make homes beautiful, peaceful, and restful.  

John saw that the same fire Betsy felt for homes, was not in her day to day job, so he encouraged her to take a leap.

And now here we are, in the throes of a grand new journey!

The Elizabeth Gray Design Team is comprised of husband and wife duo, John and Betsy McGovern, and their spirited retriever, Bluebell.  Betsy and John bring the expertise, Bluebell brings the joy!