Spring Style - Sweaters, Kerchiefs, and More

Spring Style - Sweaters, Kerchiefs, and More

When I look outside at the vibrant hues of Spring, I want to reflect the same cheer in what I wear!  And as always, I want a few go-to looks that are pulled together, seasonally appropriate, and easy!

My current favorite outfit option has received several compliments from strangers!  It's also quick, comfortable and easy to switch up!  I lay it out in 4 quick steps below, along with some links, inspo, and tips to make it work for you!

1. Be Bright!  Start with a brilliantly hued, crewneck sweater to mirror the blooming season!  Think blue skies, sunny yellows, and flowers in every shade of pink. Here are a few of my favorites! 

  • Old Navy's Rib-Knit Trim Crew Neck Sweater is boasting some perfectly preppy colors!  Fresh blooms may be a bit envious!  I ordered the Heather Blue (pictured) and loved it so much I ordered the Flamingo Pink!  And you better believe I'm eyeing the Sun On The Beach!  The fit on this sweater is loose, with a longer hem in the back!
  • J. Crew's 1988 Rollneck Sweater in Cotton is a classic!  When I worked at J.Crew, multiple ladies commented on how they had the "same" sweater when they were in high school during the 80's.  Some styles never tire!  You can wear this on it's own, or over a button down or tee! 
  • J. Crew's Tippi Sweater is great for the corporate gal!  This crewneck gem is made from a lightweight, non-scratchy wool.  It boasts bracelet sleeves, which are cut just above the wrist to host a couple of bangles!  This sweater also has a slim fit, so if you don't want anything too clingy or would like to wear it over a button down,size up!  Currently, there are some gorgeous colors like Watercolor Sky and French Rose.  Who gets to name their colors?  I aspire!
  • 2. Add A Kerchief!  

Let's look to the epitome of classic style, Miss Hepburn, for this Spring staple.  Here she is in Roman Holiday, looking fresh and polished, despite having a rather difficult evening before!  If you've never seen the movie, I recommend it with everything in me!  This simple addition to her and your outfit really pulls an outfit together.  It's a simple way to make people think you spent a long time getting ready!  And it takes all of seconds to tie!  

Over the years, I've added a few to my closet!  Stick with beautiful colors and patterns.  My favorites include one with a watercolor nautical scene, one with blue and white stripes and a Liberty print pink and blue floral!  

To date, all of mine are from J.Crew, but I also recommend checking out Ebay for some vintage finds!  

3. Why Not White? White jeans are the perfect base for this Spring-centric ensemble.  It says, "Daylight Savings" is done and the sun is out!  I've heard plenty of objections to wearing white, but don't let that stop you from this easy wardrobe staple.  Some fret about spilling, or struggle with the idea of wearing white with kids.  Fresh news, I have a puppy and wear them all the time!  Don't forget, bleach is a thing!  

4. Toasty Toes!  Let's be honest, Spring temps can still dip and be a bit chilly, so stick with some loafers!  And save yourself some time manicuring your tootsies!  For me, I love needlepoint.  I'm not great.  And I'm very new, but it's become a wonderful, relaxing and creative outlet over the past year.  I found these vintage (and by vintage, I mean second-hand a la Poshmark) needlepoint loafers!  The cheery blue and the vine-like lattice design screamed Spring to me!  Right now, TuckerNuck has an amazing array of needlepoint shoes!  For a similar design to mine, check out the Navy and White Check Needlepoint Loafer by Paige! 

Change it up really quickly with one (or more) of the following tips:

  • Change the sweater for a white blouse.  Collar, popover, even tee!  A white top is fresh and clean and goes with all of it.
  • Use the kerchief as a bandana or tie it around your ponytail.  The color is fun and it a easy way to say "I tried!"
  • Sub white white pants for white pants.  That's right.  I'm not letting you off the hook on this one.
  • And throw on some slide on shoes!  Mules are my favorite right now.  Try a leopard print or easy canvas slip-on like Vans! 

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