Fall Favorites Pt. 2 Farms & Horses

Fall Favorites Pt. 2 Farms & Horses

It's beginning to feel like Fall at the farm.  Hello layers and memory making!  Who else looks forward to the days turning cooler, to wearing layers and boots, savoring hearty soups, stews, and chili, drinking hot drinks, holding a warm mug with a candle glowing and reading a favorite book, or watching a much-loved film, nestled under a chunky blanket?

As a Midwest girl, the fall always meant heading out to farms to hunt for the perfect pumpkin, picking apples, and playing on hay bales.  

In Kansas City, it was also time for the American Royal, the world's greatest rodeo, in my humble opinion.  Admittedly, I've never been to any other rodeo, but I assure you, I don't need to look further.  This was and is the best.  I loved horses and they had plenty of them.  

When I was young, I aspired to be a cowgirl and for the better part of my elementary days, I was always one for Halloween; wearing a gorgeous, tooled-leather vest that my parents bought me at the American Royal.  

Since going to college in Texas, I've bypassed the the need for permission, which Halloween grants all participants, and added Western boots to my everyday wardrobe.  Season in, season out - there they are, ready for work and play!  These beauties transcend trends, which is a value we have at Elizabeth Gray Designs for home and wardrobe alike!


Now, John and I live in a new town, so this season will be one for making new Fall memories and we are excited.  The local pumpkin patch opens in just a few days, the persimmon tree out front is beginning to turn orange, and the pecan tree in the back is starting to fruit!  

Although we live on 2-acres, we don't have any animals (other than Bluebell), but with our new build project, we hope to add a chicken coop!  Farm-fresh eggs are unbeatable!  And the hues that they come in are far more entertaining than the blanched white or brown ones you get at the store. 

Anyways, without fail, the Fall makes me want to be near a farm, to be outside, dressed in layers, close to horses and other livestock and enjoying God's creation.  

In order to bring the outside in, we are using beautiful equestrian pieces throughout our home!  Check out more of our Fall Favorites in our shop!