Fall Favorites Pt. 1 Campfires & S'mores

Fall Favorites Pt. 1 Campfires & S'mores

Who else looks forward to campfires and s'mores in the Fall?  Without fail, it is my favorite activity of the season. There is nothing like the days shortening, the sweltering heat fleeing, and the crisp, cool evenings inviting you to huddle around a dancing fire with your friends and family.  You gather together, lean in and share stories, make memories, and of course s'mores.

What a combination?  The crunch of the graham, the oozy-gooey mallow, the goosh of the melted chocolate.  

Eating a freshly prepared s'more is the great equalizer; no one, not one person, can look dignified or put together when eating this sweet treat!  It requires yourself to let go and laugh at yourself as the inevitable excess of delicious mixture drips onto your fingers and clings to the corners of your mouth.

Before being married, I lived in a quintessentially cute and classic Cape Cod, which I fondly dubbed "The Nest."  It was petite (but nearly double our current accommodations).  In order to include more people to social gatherings, the back patio (also small, mind you), had to be used.  

And used it was.  The wood was added, the fire started, and the necessary accessories for s'mores ready at hand.


Even when there wasn't a crowd, just the roommates, or later, just me and John would throw some logs on, and allow the conversation to flow as long as the fire kept us warm.

Truthfully, I love fires so much, that I was reluctant to wash my hair for days after a good fire.  The smoky smell that lingered in my hair was a nice token of memories made.


As for s'mores, there were times when making a fire to indulge in this concoction was a bit too involved, so I perfected the non-fire s'more.  Tips to follow below!

In a new city, recently devastated by wild fires, I doubt that this season will allow us to enjoy the warmth and wonder that is experienced by a campfire.  As not to be robbed of this Fall favorite, we are bringing the fire pieces of the outdoors inside to enjoy all season and into Winter!

To help draw in the beautiful outdoors we are using warm wood accents and candles to be placeholders this season!  We love our new barn wood finish console. It is the perfect place for a Fall mantle with pumpkins and some well placed fall colors!




Nothing quite matches the snap, crackle, pop of a fire, but we are capturing the warmth and bringing it inside with these candles and lanterns!  Both have an aged feel, which makes them feel like old friends that have been with you for a long time!  Who says you can't buy time?

For a look at our other Fall Favorites, stay tuned!  We will be sharing more memories and season makers below!

Inside S'Mores:

  1. Acquire your graham crackers, mallows, chocolate of choice (we'd like to recommend peanut butter cups).
  2. Set your oven to broil (low).
  3. Layer a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  4. Place as many graham crackers as you'd like on the sheet, then stack with chocolate, and a mallow.  You can toast the top cracker on the side or add it after the sheet is removed from the oven.  Your call.
  5. Place in oven and set a timer for 1 minute.  As you know, all ovens are unique and wonky, so watch your s'mores until you are confident of the best time for your desired mallow consistency.
  6. ENJOY!!!
  7. If you don't have time for any of that, snag these amaz-yum-ing treats via Trader Joes.  They think of every  thing!

We'd love to hear what your fall favorites are. Leave us a comment to start to conversation.